Sharing joy with the less fortunate


Children of Rotarians have also found a unique way of celebrating their birthdays.

Siddhi and Smruti, children of ­Assistant ­Governor, RI District 3262, have been ­celebrating their birthdays with the inmates of an orphanage, run by Rotarian Niranjan Mohanty in Bhubaneswar.

Siddhi, a Class 11 student at Sai ­International School in Bhubaneswar says, “It gives me immense pleasure when I see them smiling and that’s a birthday gift for me.” Smruti who studies in Class 5 says, “We are lucky to have parents; so on our birthdays we try to brighten their day.”

Rtn Kumar Mohanty, their father, is “happy that my children realise the spirit of bringing joy to those less fortunate.”

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